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Material machine set of hydraulic equipment
- Oct 24, 2016 -

For domestic sheet machine, open the machine, should be by adjusting the plunger, molding, blowing, send induction switch start and stop position, to determine the action program. Of hydraulic equipment, should first determine the starting position of the induction switch, and then set the length of time used, adjust the action program. To import the thermoforming machine Angle control program, should be set by plunger, molding, blowing, sending pieces and the starting Angle and stop Angle used to determine the action program and the length of time.
Application of rough adjustment can according to the usual procedure control, CAM system cup machines, it is to simulate a lot of practical production and processing program summary, has a certain universality. Generally only fine-tuning, bigger to the mould of the individual to make the necessary adjustments. Adjust the pressure drop depth, forming pressure, feeding width, width of feed and discharge width, heating temperature, cooling water flow or velocity, or when the mould temperature control machine, set the temperature of the cooling water. To ensure normal work!

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