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Plastic extruder can expand its applicable functional development space
- Oct 24, 2016 -

In all kinds of plastic machinery, the core is plastic extruder, has now become one of the models widely used in plastic processing industry. Plastic extruder by extrusion system, transmission system and heating cooling system, according to the number of screw can be divided into single screw extruder, twin screw extruder and screw extruder. From extrusion machine put into use to now, the rapid development of the extruder and gradually formed a accord with its own development track. Plastic extruder modular specialized production on the one hand, he can get a bigger share of the market, on the other hand to ensure the quality of the whole period and accelerate the capital turnover is very good, can expand its applicable functional development space, more large-scale development can reduce the production cost, in the next development, need to focus on its function and network, saving manpower and ensure the stability of the process, can greatly improve the accuracy of the product.
China's plastics extrusion machine market booming, there are many new aircraft launch, after the industry technology, research and development personnel to the joint efforts of some of the major special models such as exhaust extruder, tandem mill screw extruder, reciprocating pin extruder of snail, foaming extrusion machine, with the melt gear pump extruder, tandem multistage extrusion machine, planetary screw extruder, etc are manufacturers in China, has the independent research and development ability, and enjoy independent intellectual property rights.
With the upgrading of technology, plastic extrusion machine equipment has ended the era of manual feeding, people can be given a heavier physical labor and environment of the dust float in the sky, the original completed by manual work is now done by conveying equipment such as automatic, made a great contribution for the plastics industry.
Plastic extrusion machine and production line in the future market will be developed to the direction of high technical content, the price is lower. Domestic host now basically with conical twin-screw extruder and single screw extruder, the technology is mature, the market sales is the largest, but this kind of product has an oversupply of general specifications, can only maintain the market peak of 50% ~ 50%.
The host in the future will focus on developing parallel to the twin screw extruder, is suitable for large amount of extrusion forming extrusion. Direction parallel twin-screw extruder, seventh generation confidential to the sixth generation of high speed, with large length to diameter ratio. The development direction of single screw extruder is large diameter, large length to diameter ratio and exhaust flow. In fact, single screw extruder is a kind of low energy consumption, low cost, as long as the technology properly, it can basically achieve the efficiency of the twin screw extruder, plastic extrusion machine, such as the United States now use mostly single screw, due to the high technical content, replaced the twin screw extruder.