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Plastic sheet extrusion molding plastics machine
- Oct 24, 2016 -

According to the requirements of plastic products formula, mixing the raw materials of Jane away inside the barrel of plastic sheet machine. With the rotation of the screw, material is threaded forced to Jane in front of the machine. Because the barrel is in front of the screen pack, shunt plate and forming mold resistance, coupled with the thread between volume shrinking, by the screw press forward by a lot of pressure of raw materials, raw materials and the barrel of the heating at the same time, the raw material by extrusion, and dream when cutting, mixing effect, the magic brush with barrel, screw thread and the raw material of the friction between the molecules, will produce some heat. As a result, the raw materials in the barrel temperature increased, the physical condition followed by gradually bo rui state into high elastic state, eventually become a drill flow, achieve full plasticizing. Because constantly rotating screw has been stable. Then the plasticizing uniform molten material such as pressure, equal parts from molding mold mouth out, become a must in the shape of plastic products. Then through cooling stereotypes. Extrusion products work is completed.
what is a double screw plastic sheet machine?
In plastic sheet machine barrel has two screw meshing work. Do together forced forward delivery and plasticizing of plastic work, this kind of plastic sheet machine called double screw plastic sheets.