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Plastic sheet with adhesive
- Oct 24, 2016 -

According to different materials, we are going to want to put them together, it will have to use different types of glue, so you can finish the work of viscose, so for plastic board, we should be how to use the glue to finish the work of viscose, come here to learn the relevant knowledge. It is plastic, so after the glue together speed is faster, it also remind everybody, must pay attention to the accuracy, if there is no guarantee that in the right place, then for raw materials is also a kind of loss, the ordinary circumstances, we can use instant glue, AB glue or organic silica gel to glue them, but we also want to know, some plastic completely is to use a variety of different polymer compounds synthesized, in this case, we have to choose special colloid to glue them, otherwise it will lead to glue the phenomenon of excessive, c payments vendors would remind you that specific use which kinds of glue or according to the situation to decide.