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Plastic welding work
- Oct 24, 2016 -

In special circumstances, we will welding for plastic processing, then how does its welding work, let's take a look at the detailed situation. First, before welding, we want plastic board to be cleared, there cannot be any dirty on the surface of the plastic track, also not allowed to have tiny dust attached to the above, if any, we will timely clean enough to ensure that the surface is clean, if there are dust, so in the process of welding, will affect its viscosity. Second, the welding is complete, not timely into the work, to ensure that stay after 24 hours, in put into use, it will be more welding firmly, also won't happen any deformation phenomenon, polypropylene fiber manufacturer to remind you that it's welding work is very simple, after all, there are special welding plastic welding machine, so when welding machine will be more easily, can realize the seamless welding, fully make use of the material.