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Transparent plastic sheet how to cut
- Oct 24, 2016 -

Compared with solid plastic board, in the process of processing transparent plastic sheet will be more easily, also will be more convenient to work and then we should be how to perform the cutting work, we can according to the actual situation to carry out related understanding, when cutting, make sure the cutting speed, such ability can better ensure that its surface is good, if at the time of bulk cutting, if we adjust for dedicated mode, otherwise it will bring unnecessary to edge wear and tear, this will affect the normal usage. At the time of cutting, to guarantee a certain distance with the glass, pure color and we want to choose a good place, son gloomy place is not easy to see the actual situation, it will cause error, automatic milk vendors would remind you that, as you know, transparent plastic board is mainly a kind of synthetic material, whole is not very strong, we must pay attention to its accuracy, avoid causing secondary cutting, this will bring the loss.