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What is the role of blown film machine
- Oct 24, 2016 -

Is the demand of the market for blown film machine so big because of the mechanical action is very important, in many industries will be applied to the membrane.
The market demand of this kind of film is very big, like fresh fruit, meat, food, pickles, fresh milk, liquid beverages is a big demand for the film. Because the membranes for blown film machine has played a very important role, the demand is strong in the market for membrane. Because the membrane for the product has played a very good barrier property, can play a good protective effect. At the same time can also have good preservation effect, because the effect of keeping fresh is very important. As fruit and meat are need to be protected by membrane, it can have the effect of keeping fresh! Through the film for packaging can have very good oil resistant effect, prevent the erosion of oil. At the same time through the packaging can also have very good portable effect.
These are the role of blown film machine.