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What is the structure characteristics of the plastic sheet machine? How to achieve exhaust work
- Oct 24, 2016 -

Plastic sheet machine and other extruder structure difference. Is there is a vent barrel in the middle of the above. The screw is composed of two conventional screw series. Two pieces of screw in the junction with that of the vent barrel; Vent the front-end call a screw, screw it and ordinary pole. Feeding section, plasticizing and homogenization; Vent the back-end she pole is called second-order screw. It consists of exhaust section, the second plasticizing and second homogenization. See to its structure
I - hopper. 2 - sail. 3-11, 4 - exhaust n
Plastic sheet machine works: after raw material into first-order screw, after feeding period, plasticizing and homogenization, achieves the plasticizing. In the extrusion process, the raw material of stick or gas such as water, air, volatile matter, in the escape of extrusion mixing. Due to vent and vacuum pump with piping are interlinked, by melting extrusion to vent place by the pressure drop, therefore a mixture of gases in molten material to vent out. Molten material is turned to the second order of screw screw. A further plasticizing, then in constant pressure, amount, and relatively stable temperature. By extrusion molding. The molding plastic products.