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Plastic Wire Drawing Machine Configuration And System's Influence On The Machine
- Oct 24, 2016 -

The influence of plastic wire drawing machine configuration on the machine
Test speed of the whole system drawn from past the decision of the inverter, wire drawing machine, due to mechanical error and the speed of a given, the main compression ratio and reduction ratio, and calculate the path of the mold, mold wear, so there is a certain difference, the given parameter value and actual value of the tension arm to correct the discrepancy. In fact, in a position sensor connection after tension arm, measuring the tension arm of the rotation Angle sensor, a 010 v plastic wire drawing machine of the analog signal output to the inverter, the inverter described the position of the set value (the relative percentage 10 v), after the PID calculation, the correction amount added to the output frequency, in order to eliminate the difference.
New type wire drawing machine
Plastic wire drawing machine system
Plastic wire drawing machine system, as the user interface of the touch screen, the role of the man - machine interface, and each mold of the compression ratio, which is input by the touch screen, and the touch screen also store some different sets of mould parameters, easy to choose a set of mould parameter, rather than every time input parameters, convenient for users, improve the work efficiency. Polishing machine polishing material feed roller device, the swinging frame, near the foot pedal through its polishing roll control, and thus adjust the oscillation, the frame can be adjusted to feed roll and work roll gap and the bottom of the polishing roller brush roller to prevent leather wrapped roll, steering and polishing roll towards the same. Polishing materials polishing machine, dust collection system has formed a vacuum chamber vacuum interlayer and the protection of the body work roll, induced draft fan dust removal pipe groove.