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What Are The Purposes Of Wire Drawing Machine? What Are Their Requirements
- Oct 24, 2016 -

The requirements of different industries, will also have different requirements to plastic products, the same as the plastic wire drawing machine equipment will also have different requirements, as the application of the two industries see below: Tourism transport
Tourism in the makeshift tent, umbrella, all kinds of luggage, travel bag, have plastic woven fabrics. Various tarpaulin cover material widely used in transportation and storage, instead of easy to mildew heavy cotton tarpaulin. Construction of the fence, net, also widely used in plastic woven fabrics. Common are: freight logistics bags, packaging bags, bags, cargo packing bags, etc
Daily necessities
, work, farming, freight market with plastic woven products, most of the people in the shop, warehouse, homes, is filled with plastic woven products. Chemical fiber carpet pad material is replaced by plastic woven fabrics, such as shopping bags, supermarket shopping bags, supermarket shopping bags of environmental protection; Logistics for logistics freight woven bags, woven bags. 6, flood prevention materials
Flood relief short of little not woven bag, the construction of DAMS, the Banks, railways, highways in also short of little not woven bag.