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PS sheet machinery

  • PVC Door and Window Profile Machinery

    PVC Door and Window Profile MachineryProduct Description PVC WPC Profile Production Line for PVC Window and Door frame Raw plastic material: recycled plastics (PVC, PE, PP) and wood fiber (wood powder and other plant fiber such as rice bran, straw, etc. ) Main raw material (the two accounted for more than 90%) produce wood plastic...Read More

  • PS Sheet Extruder Production Machine

    PS Sheet Extruder Production MachineProduct Description PS sheet extruder production machine PS sheet production line, also called PS sheet machinery, or PS sheet extruder or PS sheet extrusion line , it is capable of continuously producing mono-layer or multi-layer PP/PE/PS/ABS/PC/PMMA plate and sheet with the width less than...Read More

  • PVC Conduit Electrical Conduit Pipe Machinery

    PVC Conduit Electrical Conduit Pipe MachineryProduct Description PVC double Pipe Production line 1. Main technical performance: 1.1 material: PVC powder, CaCo3 powder, and chemical additives 1.2 Output: Will differ with different processing material and operation condition. 1.3 Production speed: 0.3-6m/min 1.4 Central height of production...Read More